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Meet the Hoxseys!

Professional agriculturalists educated through Michigan State University, Phil and his brother Paul Hoxsey have been growing their own hay and grain since they took over the family farm.
   The Hoxsey's take special care and pride in growing the most nutrient rich hay and grains on their land. The perfect blend of grasses are grown for the highest nutritional value, then baled at the optimal time to provide the best nutrition for your horse, They also supply hay and grain to many other farms in the area.

    Look around and you will see Tony Hoxsey tending to the daily chores with Jax following close behind, or you may see Ryan Hoxsey (a journeyman farrier) in the barn shoeing and trimming horses or in the back with his son Jacob tending to the bulls.

  The Hoxseys’ children and grandchildren keep their horses here, along with several boarders that have spent as long as twenty or more years with them.

   Showing in 4-H since they were youngsters, Phil and Paul have a thorough knowledge of horses and their care, and a good solid reputation in the community, which they have earned.
You can rest assured at Hox Acres, your horse will have the best care around!

Phil and Ronnie Hoxsey

Paul Hoxsey

Mary                 Nicole

Jacob, Dalton, Clayton

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