Betsy Mruphy has 35 years experience teaching people how to ride, train, show and just have fun with their horses.

   Her students are class winners, show and year end champions, and reserve champions at SSDSS, MDA and HJDA shows, Detroit Dressage and Waterloo. (Also MQHA, AHAM &  MApHA)  


Lessons emphasize safety and fun to produce elegant riders of all ages and correct, supple, obedient horses.

   Special programs and gymnastics to keep your older equine rideable and sound are also offered!

~Betsy trains YOU on YOUR horse~


 Beginner to Advanced

  • Dressage up to Level 4
  • Western Dressage
  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • Showmanship

Dressage based help for Hunt Seat and Western Riders.

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Betsy A. Murphy



The Pro's ~ Top notch Riding Instructors ~

   The instructors at HOX ACRES have a lifetime of experience with horses in and out of the competitive ring. From eventing  to fourth level Dressage they possess the knowledge and natural talent it takes to help you achieve your goals no matter how simple or demanding that goal may be. They take great pride in helping  you achieve your goals by becoming a strong confident rider, competitor and ultimately a winner. 



Emma and Kenzie

   Emily Nett -EN Eventing brings her passion for Eventing, training and teaching young riders correct and effective riding techniques to HOX ACRES. 

    Emily holds a bachelors degree from Johnson and Wales University in Equine Business Management and riding.

Emily is a licensed riding instructor and provisional ICP level 1 instructor. EN Eventing is also a certified United States Pony Club. 

Emily has trained under several of the nations top clinitionsl


~EMILY has WELL TRAINED schooling horses for your skill level ~

Assistant instructors:

Cassie Bono

Kenzie Judkins


 Beginner to Advanced

  • Hunter under Saddle
  • Jumping
  • Showmanship
  • Horse care 

Call or e-mail for an appointment:

Emily Nett




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   Holly Johnson-Zecchin comes to Hox Acres with 24 years of experience in training and starting all breeds of horses AND their riders in dressage and fox hunting to english pleasure and equation. As an EVENTING competitor herself she also instructs and coaches eventing students in local and national competitions and championships. She is currently coaching several Pony Club members in eventing.


  Since 1994 Holly has been an event competitor to the international level! She has trained with numerous top American and English professional clinicians. She also has top finishes in international event competitions through the 3 star level!


  Holly instructs her students in safe, correct techniques and philosophies of dressage riding. Her students compete regularly at local and nationally sanctioned dressage shows and competitions. 


   Would you like to ride in the prestegious Metamora Fox Hunt? Holly coaches you and prepares your horse for those wishing to participate in the  Fox Hunt. She coaches new students the proper etiquette and horse management techniques required for successful and safe fox hunting through group trail riding. Trail Riders are assisted in training and desensitizing their mounts to handle traffic, water hazards, terrain challenges and the types of situations faced by suburban trail riders.   

So you have a retired race horse? Holly also starts retired racehorses in new dressage careers. 
- Eventing
- Horsemanship
- Equestrian teams
- Horse conditioning and Training